Viewers asked, "What is the name of your orange lighter?"

beahaven and Michael Egan asked basically the same question on my "RETEC - Civil Defense Corps Alcohol Stove" video, "What is the name of your orange lighter?"

Since this has been asked by lots of people over time I thought maybe I should do a short video on the Micro Torch I bought at my local Harbor Freight. More info onn the Micro Torch can be found at the links further down.

Thank you, beahaven and Michael, for your questions,
And thank you for watching my videos,

Harbor Freight Micro Torch 6" Tall

Harbor Freight Micro Torch 8-1/3" Tall

Brand - Chicago Electric Welding

Price: $14.99 Sale: $7.00

Info borrowed from Harbor Freight:
This butane torch is ideal for any craftsman or hobbyist working with minor metal welding projects! The handy micro torch allows you to have a candle-like flame or narrow it to a pinpoint flame up to 2,000 degrees F and handle a variety of tasks! Features include a simple push button ignition that let's you light up and get to work quickly, making this a perfect butane torch for the home hobbyist doing minor welds on metal shelves, bikes and other projects in the garage!
• Micro torch directs a pinpoint flame of 2000 degrees F
• Running time: 35 minutes
• Push button ignition
• Ceramic tip
• Runs on butane

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