Virtual Boy Longplay [03] Vertical Force (3D)


Played by MadMatty

The video is a 3D representation of the game running on a Virtual Boy (Via Emulation). Please make use of the 3D button to switch between 3D viewing methods including 3d monitor,anaglyph, noglasses or even plain ole 2D.

For Red/Blue Anaglyph you should also enable greyscale mode. If the 3D effect inst working, or its hard to focus, try the swap left/right option.

Not a bad shootem that makes real nice use of 3D to provide an upper and lower shooting area. Stage 4 looks really good.

The game was played on Hard and let me tell you, it was no walkthrough. The bosses ere downright evil and the game feels to fast to play on the Original hardware to me. I had it zoomed and on a big screen to help me out.

The game uses a difficult scale of 1,2,3 but to play each difficulty feels like its should be 1,2,10 its that much of a jump. Stage 5 is multiple boss fights and gets quite insain.

I try to stick with laser throughout this playthrough, as its only weapon that does any meaningful damage, although it means me missing alot of kills. I didn't quite get the hand of controlling the AI droid, so its certainly not being put to optimal use.

I got fed up with the 'your about to die' beeping throughout stage 4, so started fresh on stage 5, it was a deliberate death ...honest.

I also quite liked the upper/lower mechanic when it was used with Blade Eagle on the Master System SegaScope3D, unfortunately that video didn't come out to well, but its is also a nice shooter for that machine.
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