Vortex experiment impeller inspired by the work of Victor Schauberger hydro power

simple experiment to test the design of a simple impeller made from tin can ,based on the work of Viktor Schauberger first create a simple crescent in thin material such as a flattened piece of tin or sheet metal then beginning in the middle twist from the center in opposite directions clockwise for one side & anti clockwise for the other half, then you should end up with a shape like a double ended sea sheel spiral, I also thing the height of the whirlpool will increase the speed of the water at the bottom of the colum will build a taller container to test this soon, it's so easy to make even I can do it ! have a go gang it's fun ! the vortex is as old as creation yet it is our future also, we have been asleep too long time to wake up and implode instead of explode !
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