Vortex Generator

Aeros 2 trike with Profi TL wing VORTEX GENERATOR
You can see on the film a flight of Aeros 2 trike with ProfiTL Vortex Generator equipped.
-Stall speed go down of 10 to 12 kmh
-Stability of Fly in wind condition go well (More stability)
-Take off distance go down because left gound at 10 kmh lower.
(In our example got down from 100 mt to 70 mt)
-Landing distance go down from 120 mt to 90 mt(Approach from 70 kmh to 60kmh)
(Without wind end free entry in Track)
-Lower consumption of fuel at cruise speed
(Example Rotax 100cv 100kmh from 3900 Rpm to 3800 Rpm single seat)
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