Vortex Generators: A Natural Force in Water Treatment

Adam Abraham presents a hypothesis in favor of adding vortex generators to the list of practical ways to address water contamination issues, such as is presently facing the people of Flint, Michigan, who are suffering the effects of chemical contamination in water run amok.

The President Water Company makes a broad line of vortex generators, which affect a change in water using the same methods that Nature does; i.e., vortex motion, to simultaneously energize and dis-assemble long-chain, complex molecules and compounds that tend to make water unhealthy due to its unbalanced state.

The water pressure determines just how much ionization occurs, and water's state determines how much is needed, so no outright predictions can be made. However, incorporating vortex generators THROUGHOUT the water treatment process will allow a major REDUCTION in the amount of chemicals needed, which unto itself, would be beneficial to short-term costs, while helping to extend the life of infrastructure (pipes).

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