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Fiktech Vortex Cabinet Coolers - Keep Your Electrical Enclosures Cool, Clean and Protected
Today's small and compact, multi-function electronic controls,variable speed drives, servos and programmable logic controllers are extremely sensitive to heat and contamination. Smaller cabinet sizes make temperature control difficult and contribute to significant premature failures. Excessive heat causes components to "cook", digital displays to misread, controls to drift, and breakers to trip below their rated loads. The result is often lost productivity from machine or line shutdowns. Fans often provide inadequate cooling and commonly pull in dirty, humid air creating another source of failure. Air conditioners require ongoing maintenance and are relatively expensive, large and difficult to install.

Fiktech Vortex Cooler Enclosure Coolers are the affordable, low maintenance easy to install alternative for keeping enclosures cool and clean without Freon or other refrigerants!
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