Walter Russell Vortex Video: The Cosmology of Twin Opposing Electro-Magnetic Vortices

You tube is blocking this video here in the USA and around the world because of the important information contained within it. Let them know what worthless losers they are. Money grubbing low lifers to the extreme!

These are images one may use to contemplate the properties of Walter Russell's Cosmology of "Twin Opposing Electro-Magnetic Vortices". His ideas explain all of the natural observations of our Universe which baffle confused academicians.

The physics of Russell's Cosmology also explains the Free Energy Implosion Technologies of the great Austrian Water Wizard, Viktor Schauberger. Schauberger invented Implosion Turbines in the 30's and 40's in Austria and Germany.

This implosion physics defies academic physics and makes academic theory provably obsolete and the professors pushing these socially engineered lies as well.

For a detailed account of the free energy technologies of Viktor Schuaberger and Walter Russell, Implosion Physics, Bio-mimicry, Scalar Mechanics and the many types of Free Energy Technologies currently in existence please see:

Viktor Schauberger Implosion Turbine from the 1940's

Permanent Magnetic Free Energy Motors

All current destructive academic forms of energy production including the corporate alternatives of Solar, wind and tide are all obsolete. Demand that this technology not be suppressed by the energy barons again for another 50 years. Start a group and demand it be implemented immediately to reverse our present direction into a planetary environmental hell.

Hold President Obama accountable for his promised mantra of "Change". This is the only change that will bring about real freedom, happiness, recreation and eternal abundance for humanity.

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Music by Pink Floyd "Dogs" from the beautiful "Animals" recording. The gorgeous vocal work of David Gilmore and his soaring guitar solos, makes this a personal favorite. Plus I am a wood dog (58'), so it is rather poignant for me as well.

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