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What is it: "Resonance" of Water Fuel Cell. How do you do?


Steps to achieve resonance:
1. Low Frequency (LF) "Gated" Generator is OFF.
2. Adjusting High Frequency (HF) Generator to reach a state of resonance.
3. Low Frequency (LF) "Gated" Generator is ON.
4. Adjusting LF Generator "Duty Cycle" at "Minimum".
5. Adjusting LF Generator "Frequency" to Achieve an "Overlap".
6. !!!!!!!!!! Finally, fine Adjust HF Generator "Frequency" Until the Desired Waveform !!!!!!!!!!

Genius inventor Stanley Meyer introduces technology, that directly adapt standard motor to the use of Hydrogen fuel. Direct supply of hydrogen to the engine is not running it! This is because Hydrogen burns with "imposing". All known fossil fuels burns "explosively".

The invention of Stanley Meyer has four exclusive innovations:
1. Delivering super-efficient electrolysis (VIC).
2. Gas-Ionizer "Hydrogen Gas Gun" (HGG) for ambient air. Device ionized input ambient air, decomposes it with high voltage (VIC), maintain state with photon radiation (Red LED`s) and finally extract electrons (Electron Extraction Grid). Ionised Nitrogen (N) associates with Hydrogen (H) and creates Ammonia (NH3). Oxygen is used in combustion. So, cars do not "eat" Oxygen from the atmosphere, who we all breathe!!
3. Adjust the "speed of combustion" by mixing "Hydrogen gas fuel mixture" with "non-combustible gases" from the exhaust.
4. "Steam resonator" - a technology that allows keep the water in the winter does "not freeze" by using of minimal energy.
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