Water Fuel Generator Plans Part 3

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Preliminary Reviews

I forwarded the plans to a few people last night to get their input. Hydroxy technology expert, David Wenbert, said:
"It wouldn't surprise me at all if this one turned out to be real. We found the effect underlying Meyer, Newman, etc. to be real. It just needed someone to grind through the engineering and tweak it enough to get it into a practical configuration. But, until we see the electronic schematics and signal parameters they are using, its still just a bunch of tubes."

An electrolysis expert who goes by the pen name Nietsnie said of the plans:
"I find it rather interesting. There is no pulsing or specific electrical delivery needs; just straight connections, dc. If the figures are right, I'm rather impressed. I do find the necessity of distilled water might elevate the potential cost of running. The part about the water moving itself through the plates, at 2gpm, falls in line with Stan Meyer's thoughts on his HHO and Steam Generation technologies."

About the Cell

According to the plans text, the cell is a 12.5 volt design that produces a copious 5 liters per minute using less than 15 amps and requiring no electrolyte. In previous testing, the temperature has not reached over 88 degrees.

Previous models were completed, producing 2 liters/minute (LPM) with 10 amps each. Three of those units were fitted to run a 3.55 kw Troy Bilt Generator. The generator ran 100% on 6 LPM of HHO gas, which was produced by the Troy Bilt Generator itself, and ran light bulbs and other shop devices.

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