Water Powered Hydrogen Cars Converted Part 2

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"Parallel injection is a conversion where you would have an input of fuel coming into a splitter that would direct it into every cylinder in some fashion, could be directly drilled into the block or injected individually though the intake manifold.

Stratified Charge Injection is designed to inject the fuel straight into the cylinder to form a mist/cloud of fuel to be injected via an input directly.

Rail Injection is similar to parallel injection, but it has a rail that is mounted with a pre-mixer chamber before it injects before each cylinder.

Spark Injector are a new type of technology that Roy McAlister, president of AHA has been promoting as a great tool for hydrogen conversions, it is a combination of stratified charge injection and a spark plug. The idea is to take spark plugs and make them fuel injection spark plugs.

Port Pirie South Australia
Dibba Al-Hisn, United Arab Emirates, Dibba Al-Hisn, UAE
Toledo Ohio USA
Pasadena, Texas
Seychelles Victoria
Shepparton Victoria Australia
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Killeen Texas USA
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