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The X-Marine U.S. Patent 12455629 Pending

Use Water as 100% Fuel, no Petro Chemicals
http://youtu.be/DNwTanBsogo X-Marine Info Video
http://youtu.be/Ul0w7Kv6nFY Pepsi use water as fuel
http://youtu.be/tyulEKg4rFU Police Dept Uses Water as Fuel Video

My invention the X-Marine can not only run Cars, Trucks and Fuel Cells, but can also run generators to keep homes warm and powered with electricity, using only Rainwater or Snow as fuel!
To create a better world, with sustainable, clean and renewable hydrogen from water, I solicit your sponsorship. Currently my objective is to raise $10,000,000 US funds; to complete the Patent process for the X-Marine and to build fully functional prototypes of Road Cars and Trucks that uses distilled water/rainwater or filtered tap water as fuel.

Field of the Invention # 1
A method and apparatus for the conversion of water into a clean burning combustible gas, for use as the sole source of fuel for internal combustion engine and fuel cell, to include but not limited to internal combustion engines, diesel engines, jet engine, multi-chambered and turbine gasoline engines, and engines, that utilize alcohol, kerosene, propane and other petroleum or ignitable fuels. The water is converted to gas (Hydrogen and Oxygen) by the process of Electrolysis.

Field of the Invention # 2
The present invention generally appertains to alternative fuel, and more specifically to a method and apparatus for utilizing water as the principal fuel for engines normally powered by gasoline, propane, kerosene, jet fuel, alcohol and other ignitable substances.

Objects of the Invention # 3
Principal object of the present invention,
1) Alternative fuel.
2) Lower the cost of fuel, fuel will be less than $1 per gallon, or free from rain, snow, or ocean water!
3) Increased torque, HHO has its own pure oxygen in the proper burn ratio.
4) Environmentally friendly
5) Renewable tapping into the earths water cycle, which can support mankind’s energy needs.
6) Increased engine oil life and engine life.
7) No carbon monoxide emission to poison the earth, and no greenhouse gas release.
8) Puts oxygen into the atmosphere this will increase the size of insects worldwide, which in turn will give rise to fish population in fresh water and seas alike. Insects are an excellent source of protein, and can be eaten or fed to livestock, increasing mankind’s food source.
9) The implementing of water cars, and water Power Plants will increase the health of the Bee population! Vanishing species will begin to thrive on earth again.
10) With many Water Cars, and many Water Power Plants the Earth will heal itself.
11) Buying a Water Car will be like planting a large tree.
12) End Global Dimming.

Thank you for taking the time to read this sponsorship request.

I am a former United States Marine, and I would love to complete this project ASAP.
Yours truly Norman Williams Head of Research and Development
Tell 914-665-2233

P.S. There is a race for cars friendly to the environment held in April every year at Watsons Glenn International Speedway in Watsons Glenn, New York, called the Green Grand Prix. My objective is to build a V-8 car that will run using water as its sole source of fuel, and to enter this vehicle in the 6 hour Green Grand Prix Race held in Watsons Glenn International Speedway.
The Green Grand Prix Event will showcase and debut my fully functional United States Patent Technology.
Currently I have successfully removed and thwarted over 16 of the top inventors, experimenters and research engineers claims in this field at the United States Patent Office, and now I am well on my way to securing a United States Patent for said invention/technology.
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