Wave energy korea [ wave power generation ] - By sharens

Reasons that wave generation has been impossible until now and comparison of differences between traditional wave power generation and wave generation

Traditional "wave power generation" requires high waves so that it is installed on the sea many kilometers away from the coast, and exploits the scheme to convert up-and-down motions of waves into power (exploiting potential energy) using a buoy scheme. Since such a scheme is difficult to fix a generator in the deep sea, the generator is fatally damaged if a typhoon occurs. This is why the wave power generator has been continuously failed.

In addition, waves in the deep sea disperse their energy up and down to decrease their amount of energy so that the generation efficiency is low and expensive cost is required for power transmission facilities to land.

However, "wave generation" system is installed movably within 30 meters from the coast. Energy density of waves is increased as the depth of the sea is decreased becoming closer to the coast. Consequently, waves become high. The most significant difference is that the generator I have developed exploits "kinetic energy" when concentrated waves move forward.

(Fluctuations of power in the video was because it used an experimental box, but continuous commercial power generation is possible if more than 3 boxes are connected to a generator by means of "oil pressure" and operated at different time.)

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