What can I do with that old Microwave Oven Fan Motor

I was surfing Lidmotor's channel looking for simple circuits and spotted that he used a coil taken from the AC motor that powers the cooling fan in a microwave oven. I recognised it straight away as I have one in my bits box that I took out of a microwave oven I disassembled last year. Obviously I thought that would make a good subject for an evening project. I haven't followed through with the whole project as I don't have a suitable neodymium magnet for the next stage but it was fun just getting to this stage and I have my LED lighting from the 1.5v AA battery in typical joule thief style.
You also get to see me disassemble the AC motor to extract the coil. If you want a circuit diagram you will have to watch Lidmotor's video.

Here is a Wikipedia link for details of this type of AC shaded pole motor https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shaded-pole_motor
Lidmotor's Light Multiplier https://youtu.be/faDZLDUls48
Johnydavro's replication https://youtu.be/QlCoXyTRur0

For those of you who want to light LEDs from a single AA battery but don't want or have a scrap microwave here is a simple project using small axial inductors https://youtu.be/pDtEkxXOA9s?list=PLA5a2xPRSrB00lxaX8BD46F1QDJTe7Em4 and here is one that uses garden twist ties https://youtu.be/IUTJwQVWe8Y?list=PLA5a2xPRSrB00lxaX8BD46F1QDJTe7Em4
BOTH are based on Lidmotor's videos and have links in their video descriptions to his videos.

Several people watching my video want to talk about Joule Thief circuits so here are a couple of excellent videos on the subject by RimstarOrg
How a Joule Thief Works https://youtu.be/0GVLnyTdqkg
Make a Joule Thief for Zombie Batteries https://youtu.be/B61DU7yEsPM
Here is BigCliveDotCom on the same subject
How to make an authentic Joule Thief https://youtu.be/K53beWYdIpc

Here is a handy article on LEDs http://www.petervis.com/electronics/led/led-resistor-calculator.html

Here are some links to a few of my playlists
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I made this crawlerbot tortoise and used the turntable motor from this microwave to power it
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