What is the best policy to stop global warming.

Best policy to stop global warming.

?What if there is no change in the collapse of the environment
over the next 2 years?

We want the green movement to win,
not just burn people out from frustration.

Most people drop out of the green movement because they see no progress, sense no serious debate, see no real action.

Solar powered high speed trains.

By placing solar powered homes and towns along the train corridor, we can help create the energy supply we need to power the trains from clean, safe, quiet, non-explosive, free, solar energy, generated from homes.

By designing new style solar powered homes, each generating twice as much energy as they need, this surplus creates an income for the home owners along the rail line.

This creates emotional “buy-in” support from the solar home owners for the high speed line, creates jobs for the community, architects designing solar homes, carpenters, electricians, contractors and all the related jobs that come from building a new style of solar homes.

It is more efficient to build the new solar homes along the route, as we build the tracks. By creating the solar housing, we are building the energy supply we will need for the train, and the housing we need for the workers. Whom are then making money by supplying the solar energy needed to build the tracks, and for the high speed train.

The key policy we need to pass in each town along the route, first, is a solar payment policy, that requires the local Utilities to pay solar home owners, and solar farmers, a premium amount, like $0.49 kwh, for 20 years, to motivate the land owners to take out bank loans to build solar homes.

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Why do they pay such a high rate for solar energy?
Because we have a climate emergency. Because we have reached the bio-limit for the amount of air pollution.
Because too many people are getting lung cancer from fossil toxins in the air. We have decided it is cheaper and better to switch to solar, and the fastest way to switch is to inspire every home owner to take out a bank loan to buy their own solar panels. So that each home becomes a solar generator.

We don’t need to re-invent the wheel. We just need to take a look at all the nations that are already building millions of solar powered homes around the world. Look at all the solar farms being built in Ontario, Canada, Japan, Sweden, France, Italy and Germany. All these nations have a solar payment policy that requires their local utilities to pay the solar home owners a premium.

Because each solar home, or solar farm will be able to generate twice as much energy as the house needs, we will be able to eliminate the need for coal, oil, nukes and gas. This will generate money for the solar farmers, and eliminate the health damage done to residents in the towns by coal and other fossil fuel pollutions. This will save us a huge amount of money and misery.

In this way the solar powered bullet train from LA to Sacramento will generate millions of union wage jobs, like: architects designing new solar powered homes, carpenters, electricians and all the related jobs that come from building new homes across California.

This means teachers across California need to start teaching about solar powered houses as our new source of energy today.

At what age can a child build a model solar house from card board and solar panels?
It may be exciting for kids to build their first model solar powered home in class. This may inspire girls and boys to become architects and designers.
Solar panel manufacturing companies may be able to donate small solar panels to class room projects. Toy companies can develop colorful solar powered model home kits, to power model electric trains.

Now that we have realized we can build this new high speed rail line, and power it with clean solar power, from homes along the track, we understand we can eliminated the need for coal, oil, nukes and gas.

Harnessing this new safe solar energy source will save use a huge amount of costs for fuel, and health care costs, by preventing future air pollution from coal fired power plants & fracking.
At the same time, Washington can start building a solar powered bullet train from NYC to SF.

For a copy of the new book:

“Inevitable 8”: The California Solar Economy,

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