what's environmental products.finding green products resources and go green

what's environmental products.finding green products resources and go green https://youtu.be/jIfYEDFdR04
This video is talking about :
-environmental purchasing
-why buy green?
-green whashing and how to avoid it-ways to avoid it
-finding green products
-sources for green products
-resources for green products

fluids substitution:
soy parts washing fluid
soy penetrating lubricant
soy 2-cycle engine oil
mower trimmers,snowmobiles,patrol boats,chainsaws,ect...

mammoth cave national park
-climate friendly
-electric energy
-alternative fuels vehicle
-water conservation and quality

why buy green?
-reduce liability
-save money and resources
-reduce worker health impacts
-general environmental benifit

executive order 13514
requires federal agencies to:
-establish a 2020 greenhouse gas emissions reduction target
-increase energy efficiency
-reduce fleet petroleum consumption
-conserve water

requirements to buy :
-recycled content products
-energy star femp-designated products
-biobased products
-alternative fuel vehicles/alternative fuels
-environmentally preferable products
-non ozone depleting substances

products categories guideline :
-construction products
-landscaping products
-paper and paper products
-transportation products
-vehicular products
-miscellaneous products
-nonn paper office products
-park and recreat
ion products

cpg items examples :
-office furniture
-office recycling containers
-plastic accessories
-toner cartridges
-engine coolants
-rebuilt vehicular parts
-re-refined lubricating tires
-awards and plaques
-garden and soaker hoses
-compost and fertilizer made from recovered organic materials

etc... epa-Environmental Protection Agency

energy efficient products:
-commercial appliances
-building products
-commercial food service equipment
-computers and electronics
-heating and cooling
-lighting and fans

categories of femp designated products:
-commercial and industrial equipment
-food service equipment
-residential equipment
-construction products
-low standby power

electronic products environmental assessment tool
epeat covers:
-thin clients

usda designated product categories:
-food service
-industrial lubricants and fluids

alternative fuel vehicles and fuels
-energy policy act (epact) requires purchase of :ed
alternative fuel vehicules
alternative fuels and regycled content vehicular products
reduced petroleum consumption

water efficent products:
watersense label developed for:
bathroom sink faucets
landscape irrigation controllers
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