What's Greener? A Prius or a Home Energy Retrofit

What's Greener? A Prius or a Home Energy Retrofit

Think a new Prius will reduce your environmental impact? Think again, because investing in a home energy retrofit has a bigger impact on your carbon footprint.

A new $25000 dollar Prius will save several hundred gallons of gas each year. Unfortunately the manufacturing process is energy intensive consuming the equivalent of one thousand gallons of gas. This creates a four year "carbon debt." Over the typical seven year life of a vehicle, only 650 pounds of carbon emissions would be avoided each year.

Installing just a few thousand dollars' worth of energy efficient technology in the average home can easily save 20 percent on utility bills. A home energy retrofit doubles the reduction in the annual carbon footprint to over thirteen-hundred pounds, for only one-eighth of the cost.

Choosing a fuel efficient vehicle is an obvious step towards reducing your carbon footprint, but investing in energy efficiency for your home is far more cost-effective.

We can help your community association qualify for funding to retrofit the entire neighborhood with energy efficient appliances, lighting, and solar water heaters. Home owners can qualify, pick their options, and pay for the upgrades right through their regular homeowner's assessments. When you sell your home, the remaining balance passes to the new owner.

Reduce your reliance on fossil fuels and help make your community green today!

Inspired by "What's Greener: A Prius or a Home Energy Retrofit?," Green Homes America, Scott Case, August 5, 2010; http://greenhomesamerica.wordpress.com/2010/08/05/whats-greener-a-prius-or-a-home-energy-retrofit/
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