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What's The Future For Cob Homes?

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What might be the future for this material called cob? But not just cob. How about for all earthen building materials?
We have to remember, that these earth-based building materials have already been used for many thousands of years around the world. So, they’ve already proven to be valid for construction.
But can they really adapt to modernity? To a new world where our buildings are framed with steel and dimensional lumber and fortified with concrete and rebar?
Personally, I think so.
My vision is not to replace all of the modern building materials with earthen materials, but to replace those where appropriate and practical.
Let’s blend them all together. They all have certain advantages and disadvantages. We can work off of each material’s strengths and weaknesses to create the best structures ever!
More energy efficient, more economical, and less toxic. It’s a win-win situation!
For myself, personally, I’m becoming more and more interested in focusing my energies on the educational aspects of earthen construction. We really need to get the word out and prove that these materials are practical and make sense for people to adopt.
Part of doing that is getting an official building code in place so that people can freely build with cob (in the United States). To my knowledge, there are building codes for adobe and rammed earth in certain sates though.
We still have a long way to go.
Another part of my vision is to start building cob/earthen structures to a higher standard. We need to step up our game as natural builders and start showing the true potential for these materials.
Everyone has seen the cob hippy shacks and wonky buildings, which are fun, but we need to build what is appealing to the general populace. Buildings that the average person would look at, be amazed, and want to live in for the rest of their life with their family.
Its part of being taken more seriously.
I have had numerous television producers contact me in the past year about their interests in creating TV shows about natural buildings and cob homes. It’s a good sign!
We are going to break into the mainstream sooner or later. So, lets represent to the best of our abilities.
Just a few thoughts I had, and I thought I’d share.
What do you think?

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