Where does justice fit in the climate change adaptation puzzle?

Jack DeWaard, Assistant Professor, College of Liberal Arts and Graduate Faculty, Minnesota Population Center; and Beth Mercer-Taylor, Coordinator, Sustainability Studies, Institute on the Environment

Despite the celebratory atmosphere at the signing of the COP 21 climate agreement, the streets of Paris filled with thousands protesting for climate justice, carrying signs reading “Change the System, Not the Climate.” Protesters decried the Paris agreement for failing to address how climate change disproportionately impacts the most vulnerable people and communities, especially those who contribute the least to greenhouse gas production. Those people who face rising sea levels, drought, severe storms and other manifestations of climate change may migrate or be displaced from their home communities unless they are able to adapt. In this session of Frontiers, we will examine what we know about how climate change will affect human settlement and migration patterns, the human rights implications and the ways the global community could better integrate climate justice into mitigation and adaptation efforts.
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