Winter Solar Oven Cooking Sale

http://bitly.com/BestSolarOven - In sub-freezing temperatures you can cook an amazing dinner using the Solavore Sport Solar Oven. No need for fire wood, coal, gas or electricity. We have been using our Sport solar ovens for about 5 years and we love them. Here we cook a delicious spaghetti squash and apple crisp dinner in the snow! Because the sport solar oven cooks between 150-350 degrees I never have to worry about my food burning. This also keeps the nutrition in the food. Because of its low profit and removable solar reflectors I don't have to worry about the oven and my dinner ever getting blown over.

Solavore is having a great sale on the Sport solar oven. Typically it sells for $270. But you can now get the oven, two 3 quart pots with lids, thermometer, WAPI (water purification indicator), recipes and owners manual for $239. With free shipping directly to your house!

- Solavore Sport Oven Sale: http://bitly.com/BestSolarOven

- My solar oven cooking playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgBrHzGs7i4&list=PL487C4240DC5D2612
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