Wireless Inductive Charging Mod (STEP BY STEP) SAMSUNG GALAXY S PLUS

show you how to do this mod. if you use a palm pre receiver then you can only use a palm pre charging dock. after doing this mod i soon decided i wanted to use a (powermat) because you can charge upto 3 devices on it. the starting of the video shows it working on a powermat. this is because i used a powermat receiver for an ipod. the steps are exactly the same the only difference is what you want to use.so i show you how to mod a palm pre receiver and a powermat receiver in this phone so you can choose which one you want to use. to do this mod you will have to have some basic common electrical scene. after doing some tests it turns out wireless charging will charge your phone battery faster and it a lot better for the battery than using a charging cable. because the voltage is a constant 5.20v were as the plug was at a 4.05v. phone battery need a voltage of 5v so as you can see wireless charging gives correct voltage.i will be taking another video showing you how to wireless charge ANY RE CHARGEABLE DEVICE! subscribe please :)
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