Wood Gasifier Plans That Kick Ass! New Book Tells All

Learn the SECRET to building a great gasifier system THE FIRST TIME. Introducing the Wood Gasifier Builder's Bible by Ben Peterson.

This is a step by step construction manual that teaches you how to build a wood gasifier. What a wood gas generator does is turn wood into a type of natural gas by breaking down the wood at 2000+ degrees in an oxygen starved environment. It's a really cool way of making alternative energy. You are distilling woodgas using thermal distillation.

Why did I take months out of my life to write this book about building a gasifier? Because I feel there is a need for more simple, clear info and because I wanted to pass my valuable experience down to the next generation of wood gasifier builders. Too many people are building the FEMA gasifier and getting tar in their engines, giving gasification a bad name.

You only have so much time and money, why waste it tinkering? I started building with free plans and it was time consuming, frustrating and it cost alot of money doing it over and over to get it right. You don't have to repeat my mistakes. Just grab a copy of the Wood Gasifier Builder's Bible.

Wood gasification has proven itself over and over again throughout the last 100+ years. The WWII wood gasifier was the largest oil replacement device in history. During the oil shock 1 million installations (cars, factories, homes, boats) were powered by the Imbert gasifier or one of it's cousins. The downdraft gasifier was a life saver during a time of great emergency.

What other technology let's you alternative fuel vehicles, heat and power your home and get rid of wood waste? It's a unique device. And with these plans you can build one very affordably. After that the fuel is free.

Building a gasifier is something you can do in your garage or you can have your gasifier built in a local fab shop. It only takes simple metal shop tools. This is a compact gasifier design that occupies a 2' x 4' footprint, so it won't take up much space.

Storing wood gas is possible, but it's just as easy to pair it with a nice backup generator and charge up some batteries too. Wood gas storage is also possible in gas membranes.

The big question I often get is "how do I hook up a wood gasification system to a generator?" So as an added bonus I am also publishing a workshop to build a wood gasifier air mixer or an "Electronic Carburetor" as I call it. This is the missing ingredient for thousands of builders trying to make woodgas power in their first or 10th gasifier build. It uses parts you can get at Radio Shack and some local shops to build a small micro-computer controlled air-fuel ratio mixing device. Hands free and pretty easy to program. Code is included in the book.

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