World's Lightest Material Aerographite Lighter-Than-Air Could Drastically Change Tech

June 2012, team of researchers at the University of Kiel and the Technical University of Hamburg in Germany announced that they created the world's lightest material Aerographite.
Aerographite is a synthetic foam consisting of a porous interconnected network of tubular nano carbon. Aerographite network originate from the joints of the ZnO multipods.
Aerographite is more than 4 times lighter than the Ni microlattices, which were up to now the most lightweight materials. Which was that was presented to the public about six months ago. Despite its low density it can be fabricated in various macroscopic shapes.
Due to the negligible Poisson's ratio of these sponge-like structures. It can be used as electrode material for increasing demand Li ion car batteries or and high surface area super capacitors. Which is going to be green battery.
Aerographite is designed to be most lightweight but extremely robust to bear strong deformations. It weighs 0.2 milligrams per cubic centimeter, making it the lightest material in the world.
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