WP#2 : Joule Thief Battery Charger

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Here's a great project for weekends.
This is a small joule thief that you can keep in your pocket and you can charge your phone with old batteries that

measure from 0.3v-1.5v .
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For making this project you need -
a ferrite toroid (from an old CFL like us;For video on how to open a CFL visit here-http://bit.ly/CFLMrAbAk)
a 2n2222 transisitor or a similar npn transistor
a 1k ohm resistor
a 0.01uf ceramic disk capacitor
a 5v zener diode
a 1n4007 diode
some wires
soldering iron

Circuit Link-http://bit.ly/JouleCircuitMrAbAk

What About the two dots in the circuit?? Visit here for info-http://bit.ly/JouleExplainMrAbAk

Now just follow the circuit and solder everything in place.
Now you have just got a small joule thief that can charge your phone.
Stay tuned.
Thanks for Watching.
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