Xcalibur Magnetic Field Generator Age Reversal Subliminal 1

Meditation Video using the Xcalibur Magnetic Field Generator with a Age Reversal Subliminal. The Xcalibur machine is based on the Dotto Ring a suppressed Anti Aging device from the 1980's. Dotto after studying the Hunza valley believed it was the enhanced gravity field of the area that caused the life extension anomalies found in the people in that particular area. Reports of individuals living over 150 years of age.
This machine replicates the Dotto frequencies of 1.9-2.1Mhz with a magnetic field over 120 gauss. Dotto claimed that his device will extend the telomeres, the aging clock of the cells. We are in the very early stages of testing. More info can be found @ orgoneproducts.org and the Ascensionenergyprogram.com
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