XEE2vids Joule Thief / Ringer - 3.5V / 400 mA - AC Power from AA's ! DC/AC Inverter - update

I finally got the capacitance dialed in, running (3) 2 Watt AC LED lamps on (3) NiCD AA's. 3.5V X 400mA (1.4 watts). It's a nice evening room light, easy on the power bill! Thanks XEE2. With just the right capacitance the circuit will shine more, and draw less. I found as soon as you go over, it'll start to flash. I figure it puts out about 37-43 VAC. When I get some more LEDs, warm whites, I'll try matching the output a little closer. With a bunch of AA's and a collection of garden solar light circuits, your set!
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