Yoshi's Strange Quest Level: Vertical Forest

What happens when you cross a hair dryer with a taco? You get absolutely nothing related to the above video, which is about a level in YSQ called "Vertical Forest". This level is the Flipped Plains (a level from Mario's Strange Quest) of YSQ, except, instead of the level being upside down, it's been rotated 90 degrees clockwise. Vertical Forest is a vertical forest level that is meant to serve as a transition between World 5 and 6, where Yoshi makes his way up the side of Fire Mountain. Things get hotter as Yoshi climbs higher up the side of the mountain, so you'll start seeing more fire enemies and small, damaging fires as you progress. That's pretty much all I have to say. Watch the video to see what the first half of the level is like.

- I made some improvements to the overworld to make it look nicer. I changed the palette a little, and I drew some graphics myself in order to make the overworld look more lush.
- Those path graphics on the Overworld are graphics that I ripped from the SNES game Speedy Gonzales: Los Gatos Bandidos.
- I had to remove the layer 1 clouds on the overworld, since the animated part of them won't show up anymore. I have no idea why.
- Does anyone know how to fix the music restart glitch that occurs near the end of the video? This glitch is starting to occur more often for whatever reason, and I have no idea why.
- This is the first level I've finished in YSQ for quite some time. Seriously.
- While it may seem weird, those holes on the left side of the level would be bottomless pits if this level wasn't rotated 90 degress clockwise. I wanted to try to make this level look like a vertical level, but behave similiar to a horizontal level (at least in some ways). In fact, at least for the first half, this level looks like it could be beaten if it actually was a horizontal level.

Also, as I always do when I post a new video showing something in YSQ, here's a link to the current demo of YSQ (V1.2) if you want to play it:
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