Zero Emissions Vehicle Device

Bill Kendricks( )(Retired From NASA "National Aeronautics and Space Administration" and a retired Veteran) discovered a way to run any gasoline powered engine without producing air pollution(Verified on a Smog Test Analyzer) including on older model cars and race cars that do not have Catalytic Converters to reduce air pollution(Unburnt Fuel and Carbon Monoxide- a byproduct of incomplete combustion).

Billy test the fuel system over a period of 25 years on 7 different automobiles- smog tested the engines- as well as dyno tested to measure the horse power increase(double engine power measured on Dynamometer Machine) from the reduced waste heat- and increased oxygen availability to the gasoline molecules- maximizing motive force or kinetic energy produced per unit measure of gasoline used to move the automobile. When billy inspect engine internals after long term testing- the engines remain in like new condition similar to running any gasoline powered engine on a CNG(compressed natural gas) conversion in the United States. Research indicates that gasoline powered engines experience less wear and less carbon build up and much lower exhaust emissions when running a fuel in it's vapor state. Study any engine running on LPG or CNG to learn more.

The concept: A gasoline vaporization- On Demand- system. Spraying a fine mist of fuel onto a 700F to 800F(staying below gasoline's autoignition temperature of 950F) and the white vapor produced will run a gasoline powered engine without harm to the engine- with less waste heat ie engine exhaust system remains warm to the touch rather than very hot- and produces zero HC and zero Co from the exhaust system- even on automobiles without the use of Catalytic Converters in the exhaust which clean up(reduce smog production) the exhaust. This is a clean- smog free fuel system concept which introduces the idea that gasoline can burn clean even at cold engine startup temperatures. If you've ever smog tested a car, research indicates that the automobile emits more smog when the engine is cold, and less so when warmer(but still producing smog when warm) if the catalytic converters are working proper(all catalytic converters go bad over time and thus permit greater levels of air pollution to pass into the air). Some automobiles(as well as some off road vehicles and race vehicles) remove or do not use Catalytic Converters. With this fuel system- the automobile will produce less smog because this system permits more efficient and more complete combustion of gasoline molecules within the engine combustion chambers.

This is a zero emissions(from the automobiles exhaust pipe) fuel system concept. A Stoichiometric Equal- Balanced- Complete Burn Of Gasoline Molecules Within The Engines Combustion Chambers- Permits Reduced Exhaust Carbon Monoxide and Reduced Exhaust HydroCarbons.

The white vapor fuel system is a zero smog test emissions fuel system concept- which billy experienced lower combustion temperatures- and a doubling of horse power- on two different dynamometers. This system produces a gasoline droplet size of 1 micron(study micron droplet size of steam)(Note: Automobile Fuel Injectors Spray Gasoline Droplets The Size Of Approximately 50 To 65 Microns. The Smaller The Droplet Size, The More Oxygen is Permitted To Mix With The Gasoline Molecules- See Stoichiometry).

Can a gasoline powered engine be converted to run on a vapor fuel such as natural gas- without damage to the engine. when I talked to many experts in the field of CNG conversions from Gasoline to CNG- 100% of the specialist note engine runs cleaner, engine oil stays clean longer, engine internals remain clean, and much less exhaust emissions and less engine wear as well.

CNG is approximately 85 btu's. Gasoline is approximately 115 btu's. Gasoline vapors thus have more energy density compared to natural gas, thus producing sufficient engine power to move an automobile.

If carbon monoxide comes from a lack of oxygen molecules mixing with gasoline molecules, then how can one expand the gasoline giving more space for oxygen to make contact with more of the gasoline molecules- thus reducing the poisonous carbon monoxide gas. Billy found that flash vaporizing gasoline at a temperature of over 700 F but less than 950 F(gasoline's autoignition temperature) will produce a white vapor which mixes the gasoline molecule's with needed oxygen molecule's- sufficient (See Stoichiometry) to produce zero carbon monoxide as well as zero hydrocarbons from the exhaust system of any gasoline powered internal combustion engine. It's an interesting concept and billy found a practical application for his accidental discovery :)

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