Zero Point Tech: P.E.A.R Prototype V1.4 Blueprint Explanation

Zero Point Technologies P.E.A.R V 1.4

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(A) 14 Poe coils with neodymium sphere magnets and capacitors.

(B) 1 Large, center "Capstone" poe coil with large neodymium magnet and wired through electrical device to wall outlet or power source.

(C) 8 Stacked neodymium magnets, also part of (A). Pull force of neodymium magnets (A), to stabilize and reduce resistance. Precise measurements and spacing required. Ensures stability via electromagnetic "tesseract" grid.

(D) 2 Poe coils powering fans on both sides of tesseract case, to keep magnetic pull force strong and copper poe coils operating at safe and efficient temperatures.

How it works:
Coils (A), generate and store electricity to capacitors via spin force of magnetic pyramid design.

Capstone coil (B), spins large neodymium magnet via induction. Due to geometry of the pyramid, as capstone magnet (B) spins, invisible geomagnetic lines weave magnetic current to other 16 coils (A) and (D), enabling magnets to spin and generating overunity electricity. Also known as magnetic gears. (See Red Boxes)

Dual, self powered fans (D) prevent overheating issues and keep magnetic pull forces at efficient levels. Also increases efficiency via quantum supercooled environment.

Magnetic pull force is increased due to doubling or stacking of platforms holding coils (A) and (C). Also ensuring the four magnets suspended above capstone, (A), second layer from top, will not fall due to gravity or be pulled into capstone by magnetic pull force (B). Entire tesseract vector sustains balanced magnetic pull force and minimal resistance for maximum efficiency. Capacitors can be used as original power source once charged. Unlimited electricity! Device can even be stacked for further electrical applications and increased output.

Plexiglass tesseract case (2), ensures safety and accessiblity to replace or repair any malfunctions.

The device is in fact a metaphorical time machine. For when man has come to generate his own electricity via his own space or environment, he is no longer man, he has evolved to something greater, beyond man, and will change the future, present and past.

It is the initiation, having the knowledge, and turning it into wisdom by creating from it,
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